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Junior Baseball #90 - Nov/Dec '10     [ ISS-00090 ]

HERE'S TO THE CHAMPS! -- A summary of all the major youth league championships won in 2010. Catch all the action and discover the heroes from divisional titles won in:
* Babe Ruth
* Cal Ripken
* Dixie
* Dizzy Dean
* Hap Dumont
* Little League

Learn the Play!
* The Padres' Adrian Gonzalez: Hitting to All Fields
* The Royals' Jason Kendall: How to Handle a Pitching Staff
* The Rays' David Price: Playing with Older Teammates
* The Key to Pitching? Location, Location, Location
* The Frozone: How to Deal with Nervousness on the Field

Love to Play!
* When I Was a Kid: The Blue Jays' Brett Cecil
* Collector's Corner: Bowman Aflac's All-American Rookie Cards
* Fun Food & Fitness

Lead the Play
* Coaches Clinic: Teaching Situation Baseball
* Choosing the Righ Glove This Holiday

* The 2010 Junior Baseball Holiday Gift Guide
-- Dozens of great baseball gift ideas to choose from!
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #89 - Sept/Oct '10     [ ISS-00089 ]
* Spotlight: Father-Son Weekend at Bucky Dent's Baseball School
* Feature: Invitation-only American Baseball University aims to raise the game
* Baseball Camp Listings Across the Nation

* The Rays' CARL CRAWFORD: 6 Tips for Basestealing
* The Dodgers' CASEY BLAKE: How to Field the Bunt from Third
* The Rockies' MATT DALEY: The Value of a Good Education

* The Frozone: The Mechanics of Throwing
* TRIPLE A SQUAD: 5 Steps to a Good Throw
* ROOKIE CLUB: Shagging Flies
* How to Hit the Hight Pitch / How to Hit the Low Pitch

* When I Was a Kid: The Pirates' Zach Duke
* Coaches Corner: Coaching 101 - A Primer
* Locker Room: Sneak Peek Showcase of 2011 Bats
* Collector's Corner: Should You But a Stephen Strasburg Rookie Card?
* A Player's Story -- My Night at the MLB Draft
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #88 - Jul/Aug '10     [ ISS-00088 ]
Discover what it's like for a teenager to prepare for the MLB Draft

* The Astros' MICHAEL BOURN - How to Hit a Triple
* The Yankees' MARK TEIXEIRA - Tips for Playing First Base
* The Mariners' FELIX HERNANDEZ - How I Prepare for My Next Start

* Introducing THE FROZONE -- Where Power Comes From In Your Swing
* A Warm-Up Checklist for Pitchers

* The 2010 Apparel & Shoe Guide
* Summer Baseball - Great Ideas to make the game part of your summer vacation

* When I Was A Kid - COLBY RASMUS
* Coaches Corner - John Perry has dedicated four decades of his life teaching his kids both on and off the field
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #84 - Nov/Dec 2009     [ ISS-00084 ]

The League Championship Issue!
Champions were crowned throughout the nation this year. Junior Baseball has coverage of more than 100 titles from 13 Leagues including:
* Babe Ruth
* CABA Baseball
* Cal Ripken
* Dixie Baseball
* Dizzy Dean Baseball
* Little League
* NBC Hap Dumont
* PONY Baseball


* The DodgersÂ’ JUAN PIERRE: Tips to Become a Great Bunter
* Explosive Speed! How to Improve Your Acceleration

* The Red SoxÂ’ JASON VARITEK: 5 Pointers to Throwing Out a Baserunner
* Smooth as Silk: How to Field Grounders Like a Pro

* The CardinalsÂ’ ADAM WAINWRIGHT: How to Deal with a Growth Spurt as a Pitcher
* Are You a True Pitcher?
* TRIPLE A SQUAD: The Off-Season Pitching Program

* How to Become a Smarter Hitter

* When I Was a Kid: The AthleticsÂ’ ANDREW BAILEY


* THE 2009 JUNIOR BASEBALL HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – with nearly 60 gift ideas here, you’re sure to find something for your baseball fanatic!

    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #82 - July/August 2009     [ ISS-00082 ]
The 5 Secrets Hitters and Pitchers Don't Want the Other to Know!

* RYAN BRAUN on how to hit BIG when you're small
* 5 Secrets Pitchers Don't Want Hitters to Know
* AAA Squad: Smarter Baserunning

* TROY GLAUS: How to Field the Foul Ball Pop-Up
* How to Become a Great Outfielder

* JAMIE MOYER on How to Shine without a Blazing Fastball
* 5 Secrets Hitters Don't Want Pitchers to Know
* Rookie Club: Get an Attitude on the Mound

Strategy! (NEW)
* The Keys to a Championship Team beyond Pitching and Defense
* Define, then Refine - How to Improve Your Chances to be an Impact Player as You Get Older

* When I was a Kid: John Smoltz
* Cardboard Games -- A Primer on Collecting Baseball Cards
* 10 Player Cards to Get Right Now!
* Coaches Clinic -- When to Pull Your Pitcher
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #81 - May/June '09     [ ISS-00081 ]
Offense Focus!
* IAN KINSLER's 5 Steps to Better Baserunning
* How to Bust Out of a Slump
* ROOKIE CLUB: How to Hold the Bat Properly

Defense Focus!
* EVAN LONGORIA: How to Turn the Double Play from 3B
* A Lesson in Proper Footwork No Matter Where You Play on the Field
* ROOKIE CLUB: How to Improve Your Arm Strength

Pitching Focus!
* RANDY JOHNSON - Becoming Mentally Tough as a Pitcher
* The 4 Criteria MLB Scouts Look for in a Pitcher
* TRIPLE A SQUAD - How to Throw the Change-Up

* When I was a Kid: Andy Pettitte
* How to Take Great Photos of Your Baseball Player

* The 2009 Junior Baseball Camp Guide!
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #80 - Mar/Apr '09     [ ISS-00080 ]
Small Ball Issue!
* Moving the Runner Over - Tips by Oriole NICK MARKAKIS
* Fielding the Bun - 4 Tips from National RYAN ZIMMERMAN
* Pitching with Runners on Base - Advice from Phillie COLE HAMELS

* How to improve your on-base percentage
* The Art of Catching with Brent Mayne
* Univ. of Virgina's Pitching Point System

* TRIPLE A SQUAD: Putting Arc into Your Swing
* ROOKIE CLUB: How to Play the Hot Corner

When I Was a Kid: Jim Thome

The 2009 Junior Baseball Gear Guide - Spotlights on more than 50 products to help your game this year!
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #79 - Jan/Feb '09     [ ISS-00079 ]
Jam-packed with tips on improving your game!
* Jimmy Rollins' 4 tips on hitting lead-off
* Strategies for hitting with 2 strikes
* How to hit the outside pitch
* ROOKIE CLUB: Check your batting stance
* Vernon Wells' 6 tips for improving your outfield play
* MLB coaching advice? Play more positions
* TRIPLE A SQUAD: Mastering the Double Play
* Roy Oswalt: How to pitch the Big Game
* Are you mentally tough? How to sharpen your mind.
* HOT PROSPECTS: Off-season arm conditioning
* TRIPLE A SQUAD: Pre-season pitching cheat sheet
* How to make your high school team this spring
* Profile: USA Select Baseball heads to the Dominican
* When I Was a Kid: Kerry Wood
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #78 -- Nov/Dec '08     [ ISS-00078 ]
WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! A review of all the exciting World Series played this summer in youth baseball.

LANCE BERKMAN on hitting with RISP
JOHAN SANTANA on delivering the perfect pitch
TROY TULOWITZKI on improving your range at shortstop
BRAD LIDGE - When I was a Kid

* How to choose the right bat
* How to rid yourself of an uppercut swing

    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #77 - Sept/Oct '08     [ ISS-00077 ]
Michael Young: 5 Tips to Become a Clutch Hitter
Chad Cordero: 5 Things You Need to Know to Become a Great Closer
Ivan Rodriguez: How to Make 'the Play at the Plate'
When I Was a Kid: Ryan Howard
5 Steps to Get Recruited by a College Program
Newly expanded Game Room - puzzles, game teasers and quizzes!
Youth Team Profile: Maryland's 13U Bethesda/Chevy Chase Bulldogs
Youth Team Profile: Hudson Valley (N.Y.) Renegades
Coaches' Clinic: Outfield Throwing Drill & King of the Hill
Fun Food & Fitness
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #76 - July/Aug '08     [ ISS-00076 ]
Brandon Webb: How to Throw an Awesome Changeup
Derek Jeter: 4 Steps to Shortstop Greatness
Ken Griffey Jr: 5 Ways to Develop More Power
When I was a Kid: Jason Varitek
Going for Gold - an Interview with US Olympic Coach Davy Johnson
Newly expanded Game Room - puzzles, brain teasers and quizzes!
Coaches' Clinic: 11-step Safety Checklist
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #75 - May/Jun '08     [ ISS-00075 ]
Get a Good Pitch to Hit - a simple and fun way to help your kid learn toe strikezone
When I was a Kid: LA Dodger Brad Penny
North Carolina Dream Team - Winston-Salem's Northwest Forsyth Little League Team
How to Calm Pre-game Jitters
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #1 - Fall '96     [ ISS-00001 ]
How Bats are Made
Choosing the Right Bat
'Little League Elbow' - Prevention and Cure
Tommy Lasorda Interview
"When I Was a Kid": Rookie of the Year Todd Hollandsworth
10 Year Old AAU National Championship
Pitching Tips
Baseball Safety Study
Parents: Do You Push Your Kid Too Hard?
Card Collecting
Test: Louisville Slugger TPX C405
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #10 - August '97     [ ISS-00010 ]
Bunting: 10 Tips to Bunt Like a Pro!
"When I Was a Kid": Ken Caminiti
Avoiding Common Ankle Injuries
Hitting Off the Tee Correctly
Playing First Base
Little League in Saudi Arabia
Product Test: Easton Redline C-Core
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #14 - Mar/Apr '98     [ ISS-00014 ]
Baseball Equipment Buyers Guide
How to Choose a New Glove
Plus Break-in Tips
How to Hit With Power
"When I Was a Kid": Cal Ripken Jr.
One-Handed Pitcher
Safety: Head Injuries
Hot Sox! 10 Year Old Traveling Team
Coaches: 7 Tips for Problem Players
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #17 - Sep/Oct '98     [ ISS-00017 ]
Off-Season Pitching Program
The Blast Hitting System
"When I Was a Kid": Darin Erstad
Weight Training for High School-Age Players
Fielding Footwork for Ages 5-8
Hitting the Low Pitch
Staying Closed; Hit Hard!
Collecting Record Breaker's Cards
Product Test: DeMarini 'Double Barrel' Bat
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #18 - Nov/Dec '98     [ ISS-00018 ]
Holiday Gift Buyers Guide
'98 League Championships
Little League World Series
"When I Was a Kid": Matt Williams
How's Your Baseball Vision?
Tidewater Drillers Club Teams
Correct Way to Field Grounders
Hitting the High Pitch
Backing Up Plays
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #30 - Nov/Dec '00     [ ISS-00030 ]
We Test the New High School Bats - Which is Best?
Holiday Gift Buyers Guide
"When I Was a Kid": Chicago's Kerry Wood
One Player's Journey From Little League to the College World Series
All 2000 Youth League Championships
A High School Pitcher Learns How Its Done in The Pros
Rating the Energy Drinks
Playing First Base
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #31 - Jan/Feb '01     [ ISS-00031 ]
Tips for Tryouts: How to Do Your Best!
"When I Was a Kid": Scott Rolen
Hand Strength: Why You Need It, How You Get It!
Middle Infielders' Setup
Garner Pirates Win Three 13U Championships in 2000
Busting Out of a Batting Slump
Collectors: Card Condition & Value
Tested: Wilson EZ Catch Glove
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #32 - Mar/Apr '01     [ ISS-00032 ]
5 Rules of Perfect Pitching
The True Story of Wee Willie Keeler
"When I Was a Kid": Eric Karros
Collecting Autographed Cards
Building Explosive Power!
Hit the Dirt Safely! - How to Slide
2001 new Equipment Buyers Guide
Manhattan Wildcats Youth Club Team
Creatine: Yes or No?
Product Test: Zooka Pitching Machine
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #33 - May/Jun '01     [ ISS-00033 ]
What the Scouts Look For: Position Players
Batting Stance: Improve Yours for Success!
"When I Was a Kid": Alex Rodriguez
Hustle: The One Thing You Can Always Do Right
Truth About Smokeless Tobacco
Pitcher's Attitude
Staying In a Hitting Groove
Boiling Springs Bulldogs Club Team!
Product Test: Armé Arm Exerciser
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #34 - Jul/Aug '01     [ ISS-00034 ]
What the Scouts Look For: Pitchers
How to Overcome Fear of the Ball
"When I Was a Kid": Jason Kendall
Pitchers: Importance of Great Mechanics
Building Your Core Power
Super Series Baseball of America
Inside-out Hitting
Product Test: MetalWood Bats
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #35 - Sep/Oct '01     [ ISS-00035 ]
Pitchers: How to Field Your Position
"When I Was a Kid": Tino Martinez
How's Your Baseball Attitude? Take our Test!
Speed Training - Faster Means More Hits, More Plays!
PONY Baseball Celebrates 50 Years!
Three Consecutive AAU Championships For These Kids!
Hitting Training With the Tee
Product Test: Akadema Reptilian Glove
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #39 - May/June '02     [ ISS-00039 ]
5 Hitting Secrets!
Plus Break-in Tips
The Number One Mistake in Pitching
"When I Was a Kid": Craig Biggio
How to Take Great Baseball Action Photos!
Pro Bullpen Warmup
A Young Man's Lesson in Humility
How Do You Track Fly Balls?
Coaches: When to pull your pitcher
Collecting Autographs at the Ballpark
Tested: Bushnell Speedster Speed Gun
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #40 - Jul/Aug '02     [ ISS-00040 ]
5 Hitting Secrets!
The Power Bat Drill
Youth Baseball to High School: Can You Make the Cut?
"When I Was a Kid": Jeff Kent
Pre-game Snacks that Improve Performance
Gold Glove Outfield Tips
Focus: The Key to Winning!
Should Your Kid be a Catcher?
Collecting Cereal Boxes
Zing Bat tested
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #41 - Sep/Oct '02     [ ISS-00041 ]
One of the Nation's Most Winning Youth Teams Reveals Secret for Success
Baseball Slang 101
"When I Was a Kid": Rookie of the Year Paul Lo Duca
Pitcher's Special Warmup can Add Pitches to Your Game!
Using the Batting Tee to become Terrific!
Want a College Scholarship? How to Get Recruited
Collecting Future Hall of Famers
Fielding Tips
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #42 - Nov/Dec '02     [ ISS-00042 ]
Holiday Gift Guide Edition
World Series Recaps for Little League, Pony, and Cal Ripken Baseball
Paintin' the Black: Learning How to Pitch to Corners
Hitting Workout for the Off-season
"When I Was a Kid": Shannon Stewart
Ten Rules To Follow When Dealing With Umpires
Adopting a Bunting Style
Bobblehead Mania!
Parents: Raising a Good Sport
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #43 - Jan/Feb '03     [ ISS-00043 ]
Baseball Brain Teasers & Fun Stories
A Story About Leaving Little League
"When I Was a Kid": Mark Mulder
Pre-Season Workout For Catchers
Interview with Former Top 100 H.S. Prospect, Sam Fuld
Wiffleball Field Earns Money for Jimmy Fund
Wooden Training Gloves
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #44 - Mar/Apr '03     [ ISS-00044 ]
Baseball Equipment Buyer's Guide
Cooperstown Dream Team
Welcome Letter from Coach to Parents
"When I Was a Kid": Gabe Kapler
Six Steps To a Sweet Swing
Coaching Your Son
Correct Way to Field Grounders
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #45 - May/Jun '03     [ ISS-00045 ]
Pitch Like a Pro: Discovering the Arm Circle
Agility Drills for Position Players
The Most Fun MLB Ballparks
"When I Was a Kid": Adam Kennedy
Avoiding Elbow Injuries
Parents: Teachable Moments
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #46 - Jul/Aug '03     [ ISS-00046 ]
Nine of the Coolest Youth Fields in America
Hitting and Pitching with Balance
Team Story: North Alabama Vipers
"When I Was a Kid": Sean Burroughs
Pitching with Perseverance
Throwing Accuracy Drill
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #47 - Sep/Oct '03     [ ISS-00047 ]
Private Instruction: Can It Make the Difference?
Mojo Training: Build Ball-Crushing Forearms
"When I Was a Kid": David Eckstein
Baseball Video Game Review
The Other Side of the Plate: The Story of a 15-year old Umpire
Fuel (Food) for Champions
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #48 - Nov/Dec '03     [ ISS-00048 ]
Hitting with Open Stance
Off Season Training for High School
“When I Was a Kid”: Sean Casey
Teaching young kids to catch fly balls
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #50 - Mar/Apr '04     [ ISS-00050 ]
Priority Pitches for Youths
2004 Equipment Guide
“When I Was a Kid”: Kenny Lofton
Hawaii Wins National Title
Faster Baserunning
Hitting the Curveball
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #51 - May/Jun '04     [ ISS-00051 ]
Fun Baseball Websites
“When I Was a Kid”: Jason Jennings
Aluminum Bat History
Imagery can boost your game!
Coaching Signals
Collecting Tickets
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #52 - Jul/Aug '04     [ ISS-00052 ]
How to be a Great Catcher
In-season pitching workout
“When I Was a Kid”: Rafael Palmeiro
Load, launch for hitting power!
Backyard Baseball Field
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #53 - Sep/Oct '04     [ ISS-00053 ]
Pro Ball Tryouts
“When I Was a Kid”: Eric Gagne
Fielding Grounders the Right Way!
The A-B-CÂ’s of Hitting
Collecting Autographed Cards
Hitting Tips
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #54 - Nov/Dec '04     [ ISS-00054 ]
Perfecting Your Hitting Practice
“When I Was a Kid”: Pat Burrell
How to Build a Cannon Arm!
Holiday Gift BuyerÂ’s Guide
‘04 League Champions
Playing First Base
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #55 - Jan/Feb '05     [ ISS-00055 ]
Beaver Valley Baseball: How a small town tournament team competes at the national level
“When I Was a Kid”: St. Louis Cardinals’ Jeff Suppan
Pitchers: How to shut down your opponentÂ’s running game
Strength and Conditioning for Youth Ball Players
Catchers: Blocking the Plate
FieldersÂ’ drill for accurate throws across the diamond
Hitters: How to get YOUR pitch
Collecting Boston Red Sox stuff
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #56 - Mar/Apr '05     [ ISS-00056 ]
Mastering the Mental Game
“When I Was a Kid”: Miguel Tejada
Pitchers: How to Read the Hitter and Know What to Throw!
New Equipment for ‘05
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #57 - May/Jun '05     [ ISS-00057 ]
The Lost Art of Bunting
Scout Ball: Are You Good Enough?
“When I Was a Kid”: Greg Maddux
Common Hitting Mistakes
When to Slow Your Pitches
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #58 - Jul/Aug '05     [ ISS-00058 ]
Choose Your Pitches Like a Pro!
“When I Was a Kid”: Johnny Damon
Best 12-Year Old in the Nation!
Playing Multiple Sports - Good or Bad?
Solid Outfield Play
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #59 - Sep/Oct '05     [ ISS-00059 ]
Situational Hitting
“When I Was a Kid”: Jack Wilson
The Big Little Things that Make a Great Player
Pitchers: How to Avoid Arm Injuries!
Infielder Tips
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #60 - Nov/Dec '05     [ ISS-00060 ]
How to Throw a Killer Curveball
“When I Was a Kid”: Mike Lierberthal
12-Year Old Dream Team at Cooperstown
Holiday BuyerÂ’s Guide
‘05 Champs
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #61 - Jan/Feb '06     [ ISS-00061 ]
How to Hit the Other Way
“When I Was a Kid”: Brian Roberts
9U USSSA Champs
High School Baseball Academy
PitchersÂ’ Rule of 10
Tested: Line Drive Laser Trainer
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #62 - Mar/Apr '06     [ ISS-00062 ]
How to Meet Your Favorite Player
"When I Was a Kid": Jamie Moyer
Secret of Strong Throws!
'06 Equipment Buyer's Guide
Caring for Your Kids' Eyes
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #63 - May/Jun '06     [ ISS-00063 ]
Richmond Reds 12U travel team
"When I Was a Kid": Chipper Jones
Saving Young Arms: The New Pitch Count
"The Secret to Good Hitting... " How to get a good pitch to hit
Playing the age-old game of pepper
Inside Stuff On Pitching
Collectors: Beware of historic fakes!
    Retail Price: $ 5

Junior Baseball #64 - Jul/Aug '06     [ ISS-00064 ]
The Myth of the Level Swing!
"When I Was a Kid": Andy Pettitte
Tips for Tryouts
The Rise of Fall Ball
Lightning and its Danger
Smart Baserunning
Card Shows
    Retail Price: $ 5

Junior Baseball #65 - Sep/Oct '06     [ ISS-00065 ]
12U Manhattan Eagles soar from New York City!
"When I Was a Kid": Tony Clark
The Ripken Experience - The latest super baseball tournament facility!
Hitting With 2 Strikes - Do you know how to be more successful?
Forget the Curveball!
Fixing Your Stance to Improve Hitting Power
What is a "Prospect"?
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #66 - Nov/Dec '06     [ ISS-00066 ]
Holiday Gift Buyer's Guide
Who Puts on the Best Tournaments?
"When I Was a Kid": Mike Piazza
Rookie Club: Your On-Deck Ritual
All Stars: The Aggressive Fielder
Hot Prospects: Proper Off-Season Workouts
13U Colorado Reds Team Profile
Coaches' Clinic
Collector's Corner: Who Will Sign Your Ball?
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #67 - Jan/Feb 07     [ ISS-00067 ]
Pitching to Location!
"When I Was a Kid": Jimmy Rollins
13u Cyclones blow Away 11 Tournaments
Building Hand Strength for Power
Parents: Coaching Your Own Kid
Dealing with Abrusive Coaches
Arm Prep: Beginning and Intermediate Levels
Card Collecting: Buying Packs vs. Singles
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #68 Mar/Apr '07     [ ISS-00068 ]
Add More Power to Your Swing!
"When I Was a Kid": Ben Johnson
2007 Baseball Equipment Buyers' Guide
Coaches: How to Communicate with Your Players
Baseball the British Way!
Playing Better This Season
Pitching Like Maddux
Mental Steadiness
Collecting Japanese Stars
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #69 - May/Jun '07     [ ISS-00069 ]
How to Get Hit By a Pitch Without Getting Hurt!
"When I Was a Kid": Brandon Webb
Second Base: College-level Secrets
Rookie Umpire
Smarter Baserunning
Mid-Season Adjustments
Hitter's Pre-Game Prep
Collecting "Error" Cards
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #70 - Jul/Aug '07     [ ISS-00070 ]
Hit the First Pitch or Take? Which Works Best?
"When I Was a Kid": Russell Martin
What's that Pain in My Elbow? How to Avoid it! How to Cure it!
Dixie Baseball 12u O-Zone World Series Champs!
Being the Backstop
First Base is Cool
Aggressive Baserunning
Collecting Ripken and Gwynn
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #71 - Sep/Oct '07     [ ISS-00071 ]
Knuckle Ball Revealed!
"When I Was a Kid": John Lackey
Angel in the Infield: The first foreign
team in the Little League World Series!
Pre-Game Snacks
Pitching Mechanics
Hitting: Stay in the Zone
Is that Autograph Real?
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #72 - Nov/Dec '07     [ ISS-00072 ]
Bunting with Brett Butler
"When I Was a Kid": Andre Ethier
Holiday Gift Buyer's Guide
2007 League Champs!
13U Chester County (Pa.) Crawdads Team Profile
Rookie Club: What It Takes to Win!
All Stars: Pitchers "Giving it Away"
Hot Prospects: Hitter's Work Space
Coaches' Clinic: When to Take a "Time Out"
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #73 - Jan/Feb '08     [ ISS-00073 ]
See the Ball! How to improve your bball vision!
"When I Was a Kid": Tom Glavine
Grabbin' Grounders
Rookie Club: Arm Speed = Stronger Throws
All Stars: Station-to-Station Drills
Hot Prospects: Advice for the Older Player
Georgia's Northport Red Extreme team profile
Coaches' Clinic: When Your Son Gets cut from the H.S. Team
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #74 - Mar/Apr '08     [ ISS-00074 ]
Tallahassee Takes Cooperstown!
"When I Was a Kid": Barry Zito
2008 Baseball Equipment Buyer's Guide
Hitting Lead-off
Rookie Club: 10 Tips for Hitters
All Stars: Pitcher's Fielding Practice
Hot Prospects: Short Bat Drills
Coaches' Clinic: Teaching the 3 F's
    Retail Price: $ 5.00

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