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Serving The Publishing Industry For Over 22 Years!

USCI is a data management company that has been dedicated to providing subscription fulfillment and related services to the publishing community for over 22 years. We offer FULL, PARTIAL and REMOTE levels of service. Included in our service offerings are a user friendly client access system (CIRC), in-house letter shop, on-line credit card processing, incoming 800 telephone service for customer services and order processing, broadcast fax, broadcast E-mail, on-line access for our clients for reporting, counts and downloading of data, secured WEB site access, WEB site hosting, WEB page development, an extensive group/gift processing subsystem, on-line customer access for all transactions and many other state of the art technologies.

USCI provides a real-time service. That is, as data is captured by the computer the database is INSTANTLY updated.

USCI uses a MULTI-PRODUCT INTEGRATED RELATIONAL DATA BASE (Customer Relational Management, CRM) structure to maintain its client’s records. This means that subscriptions for multiple publications, product sales, seminars and conferences registrations, membership, reader service, contributions, products etc. are all attached to the same named person account number and unit. When that person’s information is accessed for maintenance, promotion or by the individual via the Internet, all data about that individual is available for viewing and cross product marketing. When a unit is displayed, all subscribers at that unit can be viewed. When a group/gift order is displayed, all of the recipients associated with that order could be displayed.

USCI's Circulation Information Resource Center (CIRC) provides USCI clients an immediate response to requests for counts, reports, and file downloads. Using a simple WEB based point and click interface, USCI clients can request information from their database and have the results on their PC's in seconds. Some unique features of the USCI system include:

  • Real-time access to the total database through the Internet for results in seconds
  • Immediate access to current data for counts, reports, and downloads
  • Real-time duplicate checking at time of data entry
  • Real-time unitizing at time of data entry
  • Automatic zip+4 and carrier route appending at time of entry
  • Automatic CASS/PAVE certification at time of entry
  • Promotional source verification at time of entry
  • Automated ACS processing
  • Real-time automated gender coding
  • Integrated reader inquiry processing
  • Automated system for correctly formatting foreign addresses
  • Availability of remote real-time file maintenance
  • Title dictionaries to standardize and upgrade titles

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