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Throwing Runners Out From Behind the Plate     [ CCD-827008050796 ]
Throwing Runners Out From Behind the Plate presents an overview of the key factors that affect the ability of a catcher to effectively and consistently make the necessary throws. The DVD explains that while the catchers want to throw every runner out, several variables impact his ability to do so - some of which are beyond his control. The DVD also discusses the need for catchers to exhibit poise at all times and outlines the basic fundamentals involved in sound throwing mechanics. In addition, the DVD covers several specific situations that catchers need to master, including throws to the bases, fielding bunts, handling pitches, and pitch-outs.

Among the topics covered:

* Mental Approach
* Throwing Mechanics
* Stance
* Throws to the Bases
* Fielding Bunts
* Handling Pitches
* Pitch-outs

32 mins
Author: Bill Reddick
Level: Intermediate/Beginner
    Retail Price: $ 39.99

Drills for Catchers     [ LD-02676B ]
"Drills for Catchers" with Joe Mercadante, University of Miami Assistant Coach

This three-part instructional DVD highlights receiving, blocking and throwing techniques for catchers. Coach Mercadante begins with stretching and flexibility - two big parts of developing good catchers. Drills for stretching hip flexors are catching specific that completely prepare catchers. Coach Mercadante then presents his receiving philosophy for catchers. In receiving Mercadante covers the elements of a good foundation, balance and target. Drills for receiving, including the bare hand drill, ball-in-hand drill, quarter turn and side-to-side drills, are illustrated. To develop good blocking fundamentals, Mercadante discusses blocking the 5 hole and throwing the hip to block. To develop these fundamentals he shows the side-to side drill and the five-ball drill. The third element is throwing. When the ball is caught, players are taught to work it back to his left shoulder, which aids their footwork. Mercadante dissects the jab step - the first movement forward after the catch. Exploding out of the blocks and keeping the weight over the feet are other keys he covers. The fundamentals, skills and drills presented in this DVD lay the foundation for successful catchers.

35 minutes. 2006.

    Retail Price: $ 39.99

The Art of Catching     [ CBB-0001 ]
The Secrets and Techniques of Baseball's Most Demanding Position.

Catching is the most important defensive position on the field. In this book, former major leaguer Brent Mayne distills 16 years of professional experience into covering the critical technical aspects of the position. Lots of photos supporting the instruction. 98 pages. By Brent Mayne.

Topics covered include:
* Athletic posture and stances
* Glove mechanics and throwing to bases
Pitchouts, back picks and handling pop flies
* Calling games and working with pitchers
* Making plays at the plate without getting hurt
* Getting the most our of drills and bullpen time
* What it takes to play in the big leagues

CATEGORY: Catching / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 25.00    On Sale: $ 22.00

Catching Fundamentals & Drills     [ CCD-38149 ]
Comprehensive instruction on skills required to be a good catcher. In simple language, Coach George Horton of Cal State Fullerton breaks down the position step by step. Topics include what it takes to be a catcher -- both mentally and physicallly, basic fundamentals of the positon like sign stance, receiving stance, throwing stance and blocking. The DVD reviews tag plays, force plays, double plays, fielding bunts, popups and pickoffs. It's got it all. 69 minutes. By George Horton. CATEGORY: Catching / LEVEL: Intermediate-Beginner / TYPE: DVD
    Retail Price: $ 39.95    On Sale: $ 37.66

Catching Fundamentals & Techniques, 2nd Edition     [ CCBD-80547 ]
They say catching is a fast-track to the majors; good catchers are always in demand. Whether playing youth, high school, or college ball, this will put you ahead of the others! This book and DVD combo includes selecting and using the proper equipment, selecting players for the position, developing the fundamental catching skills, proper practice habits, drills, and psychological factors and their implications for the catcher. This book is not about shortcuts. It is about coaches helping catchers develop the skills that promote consistency and accuracy. The fundamentals taught in this book require commitment and persistence. 101 pages, DVD: 56 minutes. By Bob Bennett. CATEGORY: Catching / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPES: Book + DVD
    Retail Price: $ 39.95    On Sale: $ 37.94