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Junior Baseball #120 - Nov/Dec 2015     [ ISS-00120 ]
Covering all the necessities to strengthening your arm



* The Cardinals' Matt Holliday: How to Hit for Power
* Team Building for Success
* Rookie Club:How to Strengthen your Arm
* When I Was a Kid: BRANDON GUYER
* THE 2015 ANNUAL HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - The Best Holiday Gifts for the Season

    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #112 - Jul/Aug 2014     [ ISS-00112 ]
Covering all the basics of the pitching mindset



* The Braves' CHRIS JOHNSON: 5 Tips to Become a Complete Hitter
* Learn to be an Aggressive Baserunner
* Rookie Club: Preparing for Success
* When I Was a Kid: JJ HARDY
* THE 2014 ANNUAL JB APPAREL GUIDE - Coverage of all things apparel needed for the youth player

    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #111 - May/Jun 2014     [ ISS-00111 ]
Covering all the basics of throwing the change



* The Phillies' JIMMY ROLLINS: 4 Tips to Hitting Leadoff
* Solid Outfield Play
* Rookie Club: hey Kid, get an Attitude
* When I Was a Kid: GAVIN FLOYD
* THE 2014 JB TOURNAMENT GUIDE - Coverage of all things tournaments and travel

    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Junior Baseball #107 - Sep/Oct 2013     [ ISS-00107 ]
Covering all the basics of Owning the Mound



* The Twins' Joe Mauer: 5 Tips to Become a Great Hitter
* Hitting with Two Strikes
* Rookie Club: Tips for Fielding Woes
* When I Was a Kid: Chris Heisey

    Retail Price: $ 5.00

Pitching Mechanics: The Five Mechanical Absolutes     [ CCD-827008105298 ]
Provides an overview of the five key factors that a pitcher must have to achieve mechanical efficiency. The DVD explains why pitchers must have all of these attributes in order to stay healthy and be able to compete successfully at any competitive level. Each factor is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand manner. The DVD is designed to be an invaluable resource for coaches and pitchers at all levels of competition.

Among the topics covered:
* Dynamic balance
* Posture
* Opposite and equal
* Glove in the box
* Late rotation
* Keeping pitchers healthy
* Arm problems

45 mins
Author: Karl Kuhn
    Retail Price: $ 40.00    On Sale: $ 24.11

The Art and Science of Pitching     [ CCB-1-58518-960-X ]
Noted authors, coaches, and consultants Tom House, Gary Heil, and Steve Johnson present this update on objective medical, exercise, and coaching pitching research, and also provide current information on skills and drills for coaches, players, and parents. The book contains four sections:

* Pitching Biomechanics
* Building skills with drills
* Pitching goals, strategies, and tactics for competition
* Functional fitness, mental/emotional management, nutrition, and arm care for health and performance.

Each chapter describes in detail learning points and teaching applications of help improve the health and performance of pitchers from Little League to the Major Leagues. Large format and features over 250 clear pictures and images. Produced in cooperation with the National Pitching Association. Foreword by Orel Hershiser.

178 pages
Authors: Tom House, Gary Heil, Steve Johnson
    Retail Price: $ 19.95    On Sale: $ 15.99

Covering All The Bases -- Pro Pitching Drills     [ CCD-827008165698 ]
Covering All The Bases -- Pro Pitching Drills features more than a dozen, highly effective drills for improving pitcher velocity, control, and overall throwing mechanics. Coach Darren Gurney and professional pitcher Tom Koehler (Miami Marlins) explain and demonstrate this series of innovative drills that are designed to foster proper arm action, a powerful hip drive, a consistent delivery, and the maintenance of a healthy pitching arm. The DVD provides a proven resource that players of all ages, skill levels, and competitive interests can use on and off the field to help them learn how to pitch "like a pro."

Among the topics covered:

* Throwing-on-a-knee drill
* Medicine ball
* Towel drill
* Game-of-21 drill
* Spot drill
* Long-toss drill
* Mirror drill
* Blindfold drill
* Extension drill
* Pick-ups drill
* Ball-up drill
* Now drill
* Balance-beam drill
* Therapeutic-band drill

27 mins
Author: Darren Gurney
Level: Advanced
    Retail Price: $ 39.99

Coaching the Beginning Pitcher     [ ALBB-0001 ]
Learn to teach pitching with effective coaching techniques and an easy-to-follow plan for your beginning pitcher. Covers all from mechanics to arm care to pick-offs to mental strategy. Author Dan Keller has been teaching pitching for more than 20 years and is founder of Lifeletics Baseball, an academy designed to teach youngsters success in the game and in life. 275 pages. 8.75" x 5.375".
    Retail Price: $ 15.94

Developing Basic Pitches     [ CCD-67919 ]
A step-by-step overview of how to coach a pitcher to throw basic types of pitches. Reviews strategies of when to throw different pitches. The grip, arm action, arm speed and other body mechanics for each kind of pitch are demontrated.

Types of Pitches Covered include:
* Fastballs - Four-seam fastball and Two-seam across fastball
* Breaking pitches - ¾ curveball, downer curveball, cut fastball (slider), knuckle fastball

Plus instruction on:
* When to throw each type of pitch
* Hitting the target
* Drills to develop breaking pitches

About 50 minutes. CATEGORY: Pitching / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPE: DVD.
    Retail Price: $ 39.95    On Sale: $ 36.98

Best-Kept Secrets of Major League Pitching     [ CCB-88710 ]
Larry Monroe, White Sox VP of major league scouting and former White Sox pitcher, offers the most significant and sought-after hints, tips, and secrets from his nearly 30 years of experience with the majors. This concise and easy-to-read manual will help make pitchers as consistent and effective as possible. Covers pitching power, delivery mechanics, delivery flaws and staying healthy, how to practice, the thinking game, and balance. Includes a remarkable chapter on the various pitches (fastball, curveball, change-up, slider, split-finger fastball), with photographs, detailed descriptions, and hints for each pitch. Great for coaches, parents, and players. 2004. 77 pages. CATEGORY: Pitching / LEVEL: Intermediate / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 17.95    On Sale: $ 11.53

Pitching Drills     [ CCD-78193 ]
This DVD features a series of 25 dry-run drills that are designed to develop the key factors in volved in each phase of sound pitching mechanics. Topics include push-off drill, stride-foot drill, balance-hop drill, leg-lift drill, arm-lift drill, chest drill, chin-up drill, eyes drill, heel-over drill, trajectory drill, rotation drill, pads-for-stride drill, target-catch drill and goal-post drill. For pitchers who want to take their game to the next level. 55 minutes. Bob Bennett. CATEGORY: Pitching / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPE: DVD
    Retail Price: $ 39.95    On Sale: $ 37.94

Pitching Mechanics     [ CCD-68059 ]
Full review of the proper mechanics required to become a great pitcher. Each phase of the pitching sequence is explained and demonstrated in a simple to understand manner. Topics include the downhill plane, pitching sequence, rocker step, balance position, hand separation, the glide and stride toward home plate, the power position, the pitch, follow-through, and pitching out of the stretch. 85 minutes. By Jerry Weinstein. CATEGORY: Pitching / LEVEL: Intermediate / TYPE: DVD
    Retail Price: $ 39.95    On Sale: $ 37.94

Pitching Mechanics and Fundamentals     [ CCD-35209 ]
A detailed study of the factors involved in successful pitching. Each factor is broken down and explained in simple, easy-to-understand language. Many drills to review proper mechanics. Topics include importance of mechanics, signature factors, wind-up checklist, position on the rubber, developmental drills and delivery factors like front-arm action and follow-through. 76 minutes. By George Horton. CATEGORY: Pitching / LEVEL: Intermediate-Beginner / TYPE: DVD
    Retail Price: $ 39.95    On Sale: $ 37.94

Pitching Drills & Fielding Skills for Youth Players     [ CCD-50009 ]
A compilation of drills to develop youth players. All positions included! Easy viewing! In simple to understand language, the DVD covers topics like pitching drills, fundamentals of fielding ground balls, first base play, middle infielder play, third base play, outfield play, fielding drills and coaching pointers. Great overview for the defensive side of the game. 55 minutes. By Dave Altopp. CATEGORIES: Pitching, Fielding / LEVEL: Beginner / TYPE: DVD
    Retail Price: $ 39.95    On Sale: $ 29.98

101 Pitching Drills     [ CCB-82249 ]
Bennett's follow-up to "Pitching From the Ground Up." A comprehensive collection of drills to develop and enhance all basic skills essential to successful pitching. 136 pages. By Bob Bennett. CATEGORY: Pitching / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 17.95    On Sale: $ 14.98

Pitching From The Ground Up     [ CCB-89464 ]
Invaluable insights and effective techniques for every coach, parent of a pitcher, and pitchers themselves at all competitive levels. 223 pages. By Bob Bennett. CATEGORY: Pitching / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 19.94    On Sale: $ 14.98

The Picture Perfect Pitcher     [ CCB-86023 ]
For all ages. Diagrams show exactly how ideal mechanics are achieved, and plentiful photos of Big League pitchers demonstrate this information in action. Easy reading. Great visual guide. 76 pages. By Tom House and Paul Reddick. CATEGORY: Pitching / LEVEL: Intermediate-Beginner / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 17.95    On Sale: $ 14.76