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Outfield Play Fundamentals & Techniques     [ CCD-01679 ]
Outfield Play Fundamentals and Techniques provides an overview of the basic factors that are essential to effective outfield play. Appropriate for coaches and players at all competitive levels, the DVD reviews and explains each aspect, and then details the steps that coaches can take to teach it. The DVD also features several developmental drills that can be used to enhance the fundamentals and techniques involved in sound outfield play.
    Retail Price: $ 37.94

Pitching Mechanics: The Five Mechanical Absolutes     [ CCD-827008105298 ]
Provides an overview of the five key factors that a pitcher must have to achieve mechanical efficiency. The DVD explains why pitchers must have all of these attributes in order to stay healthy and be able to compete successfully at any competitive level. Each factor is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand manner. The DVD is designed to be an invaluable resource for coaches and pitchers at all levels of competition.

Among the topics covered:
* Dynamic balance
* Posture
* Opposite and equal
* Glove in the box
* Late rotation
* Keeping pitchers healthy
* Arm problems

45 mins
Author: Karl Kuhn
    Retail Price: $ 40.00    On Sale: $ 24.11

Effective Practice Drills for Throwing a Baseball     [ CCD-827008041893 ]
Effective Practice Drills for Throwing a Baseball features a series of game-tested drills designed to enhance the key factors involved in throwing a baseball. Appropriate for coaches, athletes, and teams at all competitive levels, the DVD explains and demonstrates each developmental drill in an easy-to-understand and -apply manner.

Among the topics covered:

Arm-speed and extension drills
Balance drills
Upper-body isolation drills
Rotation drills
Separation-and-turning drills
Accuracy and control
Arm action and reaction

41 mins.
Author: Luis Ortiz
Level: Intermediate
    Retail Price: $ 39.99

Drills and Quick Fixes for Hitters     [ LD-03184C ]
"Drills and Quick Fixes for Hitters" with Mark Brew, Lee University Head Coach
2008 NAIA National Runner-up,
2008 NAIA National Coach of the Year

Mark Brew's squad ranked in the Top 10 nationally in both ERA and batting average in 2008. In this instructional baseball DVD, Coach Brew shows you how to better utilize and develop your hitters' unique skills by implementing the fundamentals and mechanics of the swing. Brew walks you through tee, flip, and fungo hitting drills, as well as situational batting practice techniques for right- and left-handed batters. He also addresses 10 common mistakes that are made at the plate, including bat wrapping, over-striding, high elbows and more. Brew provides crucial, quick fixes that will improve your on-base percentage and increase your run production. Brew also includes a printable outline for a situational batting practice drill.

55 minutes. 2009.

    Retail Price: $ 39.99

20 Drills to Build a Better Outfielder     [ LD-01825 ]
"20 Drills to Build a Better Outfielder" with Tom Riginos, Assistant Head Baseball Coach Clemson University;
former Stetson University, Assistant Baseball Coach

Coach Tom Riginos highlights more than 20 baseball drills that will keep your outfielders performing at their best! Coach Riginos' throwing drills series will help your outfielders increase the back spin on the ball which will give their throws more carry and create a better hop for the cut-off man. Learn ground ball and pop fly drills and techniques that can be used every day in practice. Riginos also includes drills for working on special situations such as hitting the cut-off man, communication, playing the sun, and playing the ball off the wall. This baseball DVD is a staple for your coaching library.

46 minutes. 2002.

    Retail Price: $ 39.99

Baseball's Defensive Plays and Signs     [ CCD-38836 ]
This DVD presents a detailed overview of the more than 50 defensive plays and signs that are an integral part of a coach's defensive plan.

Topics covered include:
* Catcher's signs
* Call signs
* Pickoff signs
* Steal coverage signs
* Bunt coverage signs
* Positioning signs
* Appeal plays
* Whip plays

About 71 minutes. CATEGORY: Baserunning / LEVEL: Intermediate / TYPE: DVD
    Retail Price: $ 39.95    On Sale: $ 37.94

Best-Kept Secrets of Major League Pitching     [ CCB-88710 ]
Larry Monroe, White Sox VP of major league scouting and former White Sox pitcher, offers the most significant and sought-after hints, tips, and secrets from his nearly 30 years of experience with the majors. This concise and easy-to-read manual will help make pitchers as consistent and effective as possible. Covers pitching power, delivery mechanics, delivery flaws and staying healthy, how to practice, the thinking game, and balance. Includes a remarkable chapter on the various pitches (fastball, curveball, change-up, slider, split-finger fastball), with photographs, detailed descriptions, and hints for each pitch. Great for coaches, parents, and players. 2004. 77 pages. CATEGORY: Pitching / LEVEL: Intermediate / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 17.95    On Sale: $ 11.53

Coaching Made Easier: How to Successfully Manage Your Youth Baseball Team     [ CCB-90090 ]
This book/CD-Rom combination addresses the fundamentals of managing a team of young baseball players. With its comprehensive coverage, it equips you, as a volunteer coach, to handle the day-to-day management of your team. The author's method is a combination of business management and basic teaching skills.

The CD-ROM that accompanies this book provides administrative aids and various tools that can help make your coaching experience more enjoyable. The CD-ROM includes two types of files: "templates" and "examples." A roster template is organized to allow you to insert information about your team and use that information in various ways to create worksheets that can assist you in managing your team. A scrapbook template is included to give you a framework upon which to build a keepsake-like scrapbook for your players and supporters. 2009. 109 pages. CATEGORY: Coaching & Parenting / LEVELS: Beginner to Intermediate / TYPES: Books & CD-Rom
    Retail Price: $ 19.95    On Sale: $ 15.55

101 Defensive Baseball Drills     [ CCB-83466 ]
101 position- and play-specific drills for defensive baseball. Includes infielder, outfielder and catcher drills, as well as pitching, pick-off play, bunt defense, double-steal defense drills and more. Each drill states the objective, lists equipment needed, gives a thorough description of the drill, and adds some extra "coaching points" on special notes of execution. 2002. 124 pages. CATEGORY: Fielding / LEVELS: Intermediate/Beginner thru Intermediate/Advanced / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 17.95    On Sale: $ 12.76

The Complete Book of Baseball Handouts     [ CCB-88819 ]
An exhaustive resource that offers 187 handouts covering every aspect of the sport, from throwing and catching to conducting clinics and camps. Bob Bennett, former Fresno State coach and one of the winningest coaches of all-time, draws on nearly 50 years of coaching experience in presenting this invaluable collection of drills, checklists, tests, charts, practice plans, and other tools.

Topics include hitting, pitching, infield play, outfield play, baserunning, and other fundamentals; as well as teamwork, the psychology of coaching, fundraising, and tournaments. Tons of material to distribute to the team throughout the season.2005. 311 pages. CATEGORY: Coaching & Parenting / LEVELS: ALL / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 24.94

The Language of Baseball: A Complete Dictionary of Slang Terms, Cliches, and Expressions from the Grand Ole Game     [ CCB-86280 ]
A humorous, informative and entertaining look at the colorful and unique language of the national pastime. Whether you’re a coach, player, umpire or fan, The Language of Baseball is a book you'll read through and then reference time and again. Perfect gift for the avid baseball fan of any age. 2002. 108 pages. CATEGORY: General Baseball Interest / LEVELS: All / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 14.94

Diamond Moms: A Mother's Guide to Raising a Baseball Player     [ CCB-89489 ]
This inspiring and engaging book examines virtually every aspect of the world of baseball through a mother’s eyes. She provides first-time insight and problem identification, as well as “what-to-do” solutions to many factors that often cause frustration and failure at the ball park. Broad and comprehensive enough for moms with players at all levels with chapters on T-Ball to Travel Ball, High School, Recruiting and Scouting Process, Coping with Injuries and Nutrition. Helpful chapter on common pitfalls parents can find themselves in. Written naturally by a baseball mom, who wound up co-founding a company that develops training devices for pitchers. 2006. 183 pages. CATEGORY: Coaching & Parenting / LEVELS: Beginner, Intermediate / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 19.95    On Sale: $ 13.76

Teaching Character Through Sport: Developing a Positive Coaching Legacy     [ CCB-87291 ]
Whether you're looking to build a coaching legacy, or just have a positive influence on kids for the season that you're coaching them, this book provides context for how to become a positive mentor to the team. The book divides into 4 parts:

* Making a Difference
* Teaching Character Through Sport
* Crafting a Team
* Focusing on Other Issues

The individual chapters cover a range of topics to give you a solid coaching philosophy, like common traits among successful coaches, teaching specific values, practicing sportsmanship, the role of parents in athletics and much more. 2003. 140 pages.
    Retail Price: $ 19.95    On Sale: $ 13.56

Dugout Wisdom: The 10 Principles of Championship Teams     [ CCB-97682 ]
How do you get your team to perform at a championship level? Author Jim Murphy covers all the bases by interviewing dozens of Major League and College managers and executives to digest their most important strategies. Great insight revealed over 10 chapters, with notable chapter titles including:

* Form a Covenant
* Vividly Imagine the End Result
* Develop Team Chemistry
* Coach the Details
* Practice Under Pressure
* Seek Greatness Through Adversity

Among the MLB personnel interviewed for this book include Sparky Anderson, Dusty Baker, Terry Francona, Pat Gillick, Art Howe, Davy Johnson, Jim Leyland, Gene Mauch, and Kevin Towers. 2003. 169 pages. CATEGORY: Coaching & Parenting / LEVEL: Intermediate / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 19.95    On Sale: $ 15.95

Pitching Mechanics     [ CCD-68059 ]
Full review of the proper mechanics required to become a great pitcher. Each phase of the pitching sequence is explained and demonstrated in a simple to understand manner. Topics include the downhill plane, pitching sequence, rocker step, balance position, hand separation, the glide and stride toward home plate, the power position, the pitch, follow-through, and pitching out of the stretch. 85 minutes. By Jerry Weinstein. CATEGORY: Pitching / LEVEL: Intermediate / TYPE: DVD
    Retail Price: $ 39.95    On Sale: $ 37.94

Hitting Drills From A-Z     [ CCD-04169 ]
Hitting Drills from A to Z features a comprehensive set of proven developmental drills that are designed to enhance the key components of sound hitting. In an easy-to-understand and “hands on” approach, the DVD shows how to properly perform each drill, including towel bat; power trigger; pro cut; seeing the ball; flat bat; inside pitch; strike zone; hit stick; lad bat; reverse grip; split hand; heavy ball; inside-outside; curveball flip; bottle cap; drop ball; mojo; and thunder stick. For ages 13 and up, competitive players. Author is a great teacher. 43 minutes. By Rod Delmonico. CATEGORY: Hitting / LEVEL: Intermediate / TYPE: DVD
    Retail Price: $ 39.95    On Sale: $ 37.94

1001 Motivational Messages and Quotes     [ CCB-83776 ]
Quotes and insights from the famous and not-so-famous. Chapters covering Leadership, Guiding Principles, Pride, Communication, Motivation, Persistence, and Positive Attitude. Inspiring, witty, fun. Study these! 198 pages, size 7" x 10". By Bruce Brown. CATEGORIES: Coaching, Mental Game / LEVEL: All / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 19.95    On Sale: $ 14.99

Coach Quotes for Baseball     [ CCB-81536 ]
Sometimes the right words will put your team over the top. Here are over 200 motivational and inspirational quotations to increase your effectiveness and success. 136 pages, size 4.5" x 6". By Dave Altopp. CATEGORIES: COACHING, MENTAL GAME / LEVEL: ALL / TYPE: BOOK
    Retail Price: $ 9.94

101 Championship Baseball Drills     [ CCB-8229X ]
A comprehensive collection of drills for all positions that are proven game winners. Includes black and white photos and diagrams. 112 pages. By Ceccini and Walker. CATEGORY: Coaching / LEVEL: Intermediate / TYPE: Books
    Retail Price: $ 17.94