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Youth Strength Training: A Guide for Fitness Professionals from the American Council on Exercise     [ CCB-9781585189243 ]
Offers the fundamentals needed to create a safe environment for youth activity. Also included are teaching tips and guidelines based both on research and first-hand experience in the development of youth programming. Six complete full-body workouts using various forms of resistance are covered in detail, with accompanying photographs and instructions for modifying each exercise for different skill and fitness levels.

99 pages
Authors: Avery Faigenbaum, Wayne Westcott
    Retail Price: $ 14.95    On Sale: $ 13.76

The Art and Science of Pitching     [ CCB-1-58518-960-X ]
Noted authors, coaches, and consultants Tom House, Gary Heil, and Steve Johnson present this update on objective medical, exercise, and coaching pitching research, and also provide current information on skills and drills for coaches, players, and parents. The book contains four sections:

* Pitching Biomechanics
* Building skills with drills
* Pitching goals, strategies, and tactics for competition
* Functional fitness, mental/emotional management, nutrition, and arm care for health and performance.

Each chapter describes in detail learning points and teaching applications of help improve the health and performance of pitchers from Little League to the Major Leagues. Large format and features over 250 clear pictures and images. Produced in cooperation with the National Pitching Association. Foreword by Orel Hershiser.

178 pages
Authors: Tom House, Gary Heil, Steve Johnson
    Retail Price: $ 19.95    On Sale: $ 15.99

Total Fitness for Baseball     [ CCB-86693 ]
For players (and their coaches) who are ready to take their game to the next level by dedicating themselves to a strength and conditioning program explicitly designed for baseball players. A detailed program with lots of pictures, charts and tables taking you through a series of workouts on:

* Resistance Training
* Plyometrics
* Speed and Agility
* Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning
* Periodization Program
* Warm-up and Flexibility
* Throwing Programs

Even includes a chapter on sports nutrition. Authors are chairman of the College of New Jersey's Department of Health and Exercise Science, and the strength and conditioning coach of the Texas Rangers. 2008. 182 pages. CATEGORY: Training & Conditioning / LEVEL: Advanced / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 21.95    On Sale: $ 12.65

Power, Agility, and Speed Training for Baseball     [ CCD-23909 ]
This DVD showcases fundamentals and techniques for developing essential motor skills for baseball. The producer, John Graham, is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, of which he is a former board member. Topics covered include:

* Movement Preparation
* Dynamic Warm-up
* Assisted/Resisted Acceleration Training
* Plyometric and Speed Training
* Static Stretching

The DVD also offers a number of drills including Line, Cone and Agility Ladder drills. 38 minutes. CATEGORY: Training & Conditioning / LEVEL: Advanced / TYPE: DVD.
    Retail Price: $ 40.00    On Sale: $ 35.75