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Hitting: The Six-Ball Theory     [ CCD-827008057498 ]
Hitting: The Six-Ball Theory details how coaches can teach their hitters to stay on the plane of the ball and be better able to hit all pitches. In a step-by-step manner, the DVD explains and demonstrates how hitters can achieve and maintain good hitting mechanics throughout their swing. The DVD also features a series of systematic drills performed at game speed that are designed to develop the six-ball swing.
    Retail Price: $ 37.94

The Baseball Coaches' Guide to Motivation -- The Fuel That Enhances Performance     [ CCD-827008064397 ]
Getting their athletes to consistently play to the best of their abilities is one of the fundamental goals of baseball coaches at all competitive levels. The Baseball Coaches' Guide to Motivation -- The Fuel That Enhances Performance provides a compelling resource for anyone who wants to better understand the underlying factors involved in effective motivation. The DVD points out three different types of motivation and details how individuals can set and attain their goals. The DVD also reviews the seven principles that are essential to success in life.

Among the topics covered:
* Fear
* Self-esteem
* Incentives
* Establish goals

Seven principles of holding the rope
#1 hustle
#2 Enthusiasm
#3 Intensity
#4 Attitude
#5 Care about winning as much as I do
#6 Discipline
#7 Loyalty

* How do you improve focus and concentration?
* How high should you set your goals?
* How do you track hitting success?

48 mins
Author: Bob Morgan
    Retail Price: $ 40.00    On Sale: $ 37.76

Drills for Catchers     [ LD-02676B ]
"Drills for Catchers" with Joe Mercadante, University of Miami Assistant Coach

This three-part instructional DVD highlights receiving, blocking and throwing techniques for catchers. Coach Mercadante begins with stretching and flexibility - two big parts of developing good catchers. Drills for stretching hip flexors are catching specific that completely prepare catchers. Coach Mercadante then presents his receiving philosophy for catchers. In receiving Mercadante covers the elements of a good foundation, balance and target. Drills for receiving, including the bare hand drill, ball-in-hand drill, quarter turn and side-to-side drills, are illustrated. To develop good blocking fundamentals, Mercadante discusses blocking the 5 hole and throwing the hip to block. To develop these fundamentals he shows the side-to side drill and the five-ball drill. The third element is throwing. When the ball is caught, players are taught to work it back to his left shoulder, which aids their footwork. Mercadante dissects the jab step - the first movement forward after the catch. Exploding out of the blocks and keeping the weight over the feet are other keys he covers. The fundamentals, skills and drills presented in this DVD lay the foundation for successful catchers.

35 minutes. 2006.

    Retail Price: $ 39.99

Game Situation Drills for Team Practice     [ LD-03184A ]
"Game Situation Drills for Team Practice" with Mark Brew, Lee University Head Coach
2008 NAIA National Runner-up
2008 NAIA National Coach of the Year

Coach Mark Brew reveals how to get the most out of your team and staff through baseball drills and practice planning. Coach Brew's high intensity, pre-practice warm-ups will improve the conditioning, coordination, footwork and agility of your team with an assortment of ladder, hurdle and medicine ball drills. His athletes demonstrate form running and baserunning calisthenics that simulate game-like situations and will improve a runner's conditioning and decision-making. Brew's team offensive and defensive drill series covers more than 30 different situations including double plays, bunts, pitcher fielding practice, baserunning and more. Brew's drill series will have all of your players involved and prepared for any situation. Brew also includes a printable outline for a defensive series drill that you can use to design your practice.

52 minutes. 2009.

    Retail Price: $ 39.99

Developing Basic Pitches     [ CCD-67919 ]
A step-by-step overview of how to coach a pitcher to throw basic types of pitches. Reviews strategies of when to throw different pitches. The grip, arm action, arm speed and other body mechanics for each kind of pitch are demontrated.

Types of Pitches Covered include:
* Fastballs - Four-seam fastball and Two-seam across fastball
* Breaking pitches - ¾ curveball, downer curveball, cut fastball (slider), knuckle fastball

Plus instruction on:
* When to throw each type of pitch
* Hitting the target
* Drills to develop breaking pitches

About 50 minutes. CATEGORY: Pitching / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPE: DVD.
    Retail Price: $ 39.95    On Sale: $ 36.98

50 Things a Hitter Needs to Do to Be Successful at the Plate     [ CCD-05131 ]
This DVD presents a detailed overview of the basic fundamentals and techniques involved in sound hitting. Based upon his experiences and observations when he played professional baseball for the Rangers and Red Sox, Luis Ortiz explains and demonstrates each factor in an easy-to-understand and apply manner. The DVD is designed to be appropriate for baseball coaches and players at all competitive levels. Among the topics covered:
* Expecting to succeed
* Knowing yourself as a hitter
* Reading the pitcher
* Knowing the hitting situation
* Being consistent and adhering to sound mechanics
* Making adjustments.
About 55 minutes. CATEGORY: Hitting / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPE: DVD
    Retail Price: $ 39.95    On Sale: $ 37.94

101 Defensive Baseball Drills     [ CCB-83466 ]
101 position- and play-specific drills for defensive baseball. Includes infielder, outfielder and catcher drills, as well as pitching, pick-off play, bunt defense, double-steal defense drills and more. Each drill states the objective, lists equipment needed, gives a thorough description of the drill, and adds some extra "coaching points" on special notes of execution. 2002. 124 pages. CATEGORY: Fielding / LEVELS: Intermediate/Beginner thru Intermediate/Advanced / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 17.95    On Sale: $ 12.76

The Complete Book of Baseball Handouts     [ CCB-88819 ]
An exhaustive resource that offers 187 handouts covering every aspect of the sport, from throwing and catching to conducting clinics and camps. Bob Bennett, former Fresno State coach and one of the winningest coaches of all-time, draws on nearly 50 years of coaching experience in presenting this invaluable collection of drills, checklists, tests, charts, practice plans, and other tools.

Topics include hitting, pitching, infield play, outfield play, baserunning, and other fundamentals; as well as teamwork, the psychology of coaching, fundraising, and tournaments. Tons of material to distribute to the team throughout the season.2005. 311 pages. CATEGORY: Coaching & Parenting / LEVELS: ALL / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 24.94

The Language of Baseball: A Complete Dictionary of Slang Terms, Cliches, and Expressions from the Grand Ole Game     [ CCB-86280 ]
A humorous, informative and entertaining look at the colorful and unique language of the national pastime. Whether you’re a coach, player, umpire or fan, The Language of Baseball is a book you'll read through and then reference time and again. Perfect gift for the avid baseball fan of any age. 2002. 108 pages. CATEGORY: General Baseball Interest / LEVELS: All / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 14.94

The Art of Catching     [ CBB-0001 ]
The Secrets and Techniques of Baseball's Most Demanding Position.

Catching is the most important defensive position on the field. In this book, former major leaguer Brent Mayne distills 16 years of professional experience into covering the critical technical aspects of the position. Lots of photos supporting the instruction. 98 pages. By Brent Mayne.

Topics covered include:
* Athletic posture and stances
* Glove mechanics and throwing to bases
Pitchouts, back picks and handling pop flies
* Calling games and working with pitchers
* Making plays at the plate without getting hurt
* Getting the most our of drills and bullpen time
* What it takes to play in the big leagues

CATEGORY: Catching / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 25.00    On Sale: $ 22.00

Pitching Drills     [ CCD-78193 ]
This DVD features a series of 25 dry-run drills that are designed to develop the key factors in volved in each phase of sound pitching mechanics. Topics include push-off drill, stride-foot drill, balance-hop drill, leg-lift drill, arm-lift drill, chest drill, chin-up drill, eyes drill, heel-over drill, trajectory drill, rotation drill, pads-for-stride drill, target-catch drill and goal-post drill. For pitchers who want to take their game to the next level. 55 minutes. Bob Bennett. CATEGORY: Pitching / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPE: DVD
    Retail Price: $ 39.95    On Sale: $ 37.94

Infield Play: Fundamentals and Drills     [ CCD-04409 ]
Detailed overview of key skills for superb infield play. A series of drills is included. 56 minutes. By Larry Simcox. CATEGORY: Fielding / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPE: DVD
    Retail Price: $ 39.95    On Sale: $ 29.98

Aggressive Baserunning Fundamentals     [ CCD-04329 ]
Great info that should be taught in every high school and college program. Shows how to gain a "winning edge" by playing smarter on the basepaths. This DVD will tell you how and why aggressive baserunning is a key strategy toward a winning season. 61 minutes. By Rod Delmonico. CATEGORY: Baserunning / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPE: DVD
    Retail Price: $ 39.95    On Sale: $ 24.94

101 Pitching Drills     [ CCB-82249 ]
Bennett's follow-up to "Pitching From the Ground Up." A comprehensive collection of drills to develop and enhance all basic skills essential to successful pitching. 136 pages. By Bob Bennett. CATEGORY: Pitching / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 17.95    On Sale: $ 14.98

Pitching From The Ground Up     [ CCB-89464 ]
Invaluable insights and effective techniques for every coach, parent of a pitcher, and pitchers themselves at all competitive levels. 223 pages. By Bob Bennett. CATEGORY: Pitching / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 19.94    On Sale: $ 14.98

Peak Power Baseball     [ APPB-19403 ]
The best book we’ve read on all aspects of taking your game to a higher level, whether a high school player wanting to earn a college scholarship, or a college player wanting to play pro ball. Topics include chapters on what college coaches look for and what athletes can expect from a college; picking the right college; speed training for baseball; how to improve your bat speed; how to throw harder; and what professional scouts look for. Forward by MLB All-Star Chipper Jones. 238 pages, 6" x 9". By Jim Vigue. CATEGORY: Mental Game / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 17.94    On Sale: $ 16.93

1001 Motivational Messages and Quotes     [ CCB-83776 ]
Quotes and insights from the famous and not-so-famous. Chapters covering Leadership, Guiding Principles, Pride, Communication, Motivation, Persistence, and Positive Attitude. Inspiring, witty, fun. Study these! 198 pages, size 7" x 10". By Bruce Brown. CATEGORIES: Coaching, Mental Game / LEVEL: All / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 19.95    On Sale: $ 14.99

Coach Quotes for Baseball     [ CCB-81536 ]
Sometimes the right words will put your team over the top. Here are over 200 motivational and inspirational quotations to increase your effectiveness and success. 136 pages, size 4.5" x 6". By Dave Altopp. CATEGORIES: COACHING, MENTAL GAME / LEVEL: ALL / TYPE: BOOK
    Retail Price: $ 9.94

The Complete Book of Baseball Signs and Plays     [ CCB-81552 ]
An extensive collection of baseball signs and signals for every game situation. Covers offensive and defensive gestures and coaching signs that make up baseball's silent communication system. Some of the topics include the history, philosophy, and evolution of plays and signs -- even a guide to umpire signals. Lots of the details of sign systems that will help you as a coach get your message across.Author Stu Southworth is a former college ballplayer and high school and American Legion coach. He has compiled a lifetime winning percentage of 78% during his 31 years as a coach in California, Washington, and Oregon. 274 pages. By Stu Southworth. CATEGORIES: Coaching, Mental Game / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 17.95    On Sale: $ 16.76

Catching Fundamentals & Techniques, 2nd Edition     [ CCBD-80547 ]
They say catching is a fast-track to the majors; good catchers are always in demand. Whether playing youth, high school, or college ball, this will put you ahead of the others! This book and DVD combo includes selecting and using the proper equipment, selecting players for the position, developing the fundamental catching skills, proper practice habits, drills, and psychological factors and their implications for the catcher. This book is not about shortcuts. It is about coaches helping catchers develop the skills that promote consistency and accuracy. The fundamentals taught in this book require commitment and persistence. 101 pages, DVD: 56 minutes. By Bob Bennett. CATEGORY: Catching / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPES: Book + DVD
    Retail Price: $ 39.95    On Sale: $ 37.94

High Percentage Baserunning     [ CCB-82486 ]
When to run and when not to run? This book details 28 different baserunning plays to keep you ahead of the competition. Each play is diagrammed and discussed in detail. Every possible baserunning situation is shown on the Play Selector Chart. High Percentage Baserunning is an essential coaching tool! Author is a veteran coach and math professor who has calculated the odds for each of these 28 baserunning plays. 206 pages. By Stu Southworth. CATEGORY: Baserunning / LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced / TYPE: Book
    Retail Price: $ 17.94    On Sale: $ 13.81