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WEB Services
ICN provides a wide range of WEB services, including; interactive customer service pages pre-populated with subscriber information, WEB site design and maintenance for new and requal/renewal business, WEB site hosting, online registrations all tied to a central database at ICN. If a subscriber subscribes to more than one product or service, they can access all of them with one visit to the site, as it is an integrated database. ICN clients do not pay ANY fees for internet access or WEB site hosting. A demonstration of all of the above services can be shown over the internet. Please call 215 788 5500, or email davidw@icnfull.com for password.

Some of ICN's clients have chosen to keep one or more functions in house, while still taking advantage of a state of the art fulfillment system. Clients, at their choice can continue to do clerical/cashiering or subscriber services remotely, and have access to the ICN subscriber service system. This will allow customer service associates to see call histories, generate follow up letters automatically, as well as cross sell related products or services. "All of the advantages of in-house with none of the headaches."

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